Applies to
Aficio SP4110N, SP4100N, MLP36n, MLP31n, P7035n, P7031n, LP136n and LP131n

Ricoh Web Image Monitor




Driver Date & Version
n/a (n/a)


Procedure to Set a Password

  1. Start SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin.
  2. On the [Group] menu, point to [Search Device],then click [IPv4], [IPX/SPX] or [IPv4 SNMPv3].
  3. A list of printers using the selecdted protocol appears.
  4. Select the protocol of the printer whose configuration you want to change.
  5. If you are using IPv4 SNMPv3, enter the user authentication.
  6. In the list, select a printer whose configuration you want to change.
  7. On the [Tools] menu, click [NIB Setup Tool].
  8. A web browser opens and the dialog box for entering the password for the Web Image Monitor administator appears.
  9. NIM Setup Tool starts when the network interface board is default. Follow the instruction on the screen.
  10. Enter the login user name and password, and then click [Login].
  11. For details about the user name and password, consult your administrator.
  12. Top page of WIM appears.
  13. Click [Configuration].
  14. On the [Device Settings], click [Program/Change Administrator], and then change the settings.
  15. Click [OK].
  16. Quit WIM
  17. Quit SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin.

What If You Do Not Have the Admin Password?

This is the trickier part. You do not have the administrator password to access WIM. I have found a solution on the Internet which might help you solve this problem. Please be aware that I do not personally own a Aficio SP 4100N so this solution might not be working.

You can change/delete a admin password by logging into WIM (Web Image Monitor) with the default user name and password:

  1. Username: supervisor
  2. Password: (leave blank, there is no password).
If the Supervisors account details have been changed and you do not know the details, you will have to do a NVRAM replacement to regain control and access to the machine. A NVRAM (Non-volatile random access memory) is a piece of computer memory chip where all the user login and password information/settings are stored in your Aficio SP 4100N.

3 thoughts on “Ricoh Aficio SP 4100N Login Password

  • Allen August 6, 2009 7:06 am #

    THANK YOU!!!!
    The alternate supervisor login worked perfectly!
    Do to ‘fat-fingers’ i had missed type (twice!) the administrator password for the Web Interface and was no longer able to login!! YIKES!!!
    Fortunately I stumbled accross you answer on how to reset the admin password and it worked perectly! Thanks for posting this info since I was not able to find it anywhere else – not even the Ricoh website!!!


  • admin August 6, 2009 10:23 am #

    Hi Allen,

    No problem, glad to see the information is useful for you ;)

  • Bob August 14, 2009 2:50 am #

    I second that. Thanks!
    This worked on the Ricoh MP161 that I received from an office that closed.


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