Download UWA-BR100 PC Driver

Kindly use the download link above to download the driver file.

If the link is not working, please let me know by leaving a comment below so I can try look for a new link. Thank you.

Alternatively, if you have downloaded the driver but it is not working after installed, please leave a comment below so I can find another working driver.

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6 thoughts on “Download UWA-BR100 PC Driver

  • nethaji

    not working this link. while clicking the link it says To Download, Prove that you are not a robot. an d i click continue it doen’t load any thing

    • Bolandi

      Hola! He descargado el controlador y seguido los pasos para instalar el controlador, pero no funciona. Tengo una PC Lenovo de escritorio con Windows 10 Home. Agradezco su ayuda!

  • jua paulo

    gracias amigo me funciono

  • Robert Horrocks

    Hi, I am 78 years old and not really computer savvy, I was not aware that I could connect my Sony Bravia to the pc. I have read your comments about the UWA-BR100 download and am interested to know how to go about it, I have D/loaded it to a temp file.
    I read the Sony manual which said I need the USB adapter which I do not have, can it be D/loaded onto a normal USB if so does it have to formatted first, I also looked up my device manager and there is no mention of the driver in there.
    There are a number of sites where I can buy the USB but thought I would try this first?

  • Boggie

    Link works but driver is win 7 x64 max. It doesn’t work with win 10 x64. Thanks anyway.


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