Applies to
Zenithink Zepad ZT180 Android tablet.

Zenithink zt-180 with 512mb ram, 1GHz and Android 2.2




Driver Date & Version
04.08.2013 (ver. 1214-2a)


The one I have comes with Android Froyo 2.2. It is a pretty fast android tablet but the battery life is quite short. I am running normal apps and in under 3 hours I need to recharge the battery. The screen is good and I can watch video on it in any angle. Anyhow below is some information on how to flash the firmware driver for ZT180.

How To Flash the Firmware:

  1. Download the kernel and recovery files, just in case one of them does not work, you will have something to fall back to.
  2. Connect a SD card to your computer
  3. Create an empty folder "zt-update" on the SD (e.g. F:\zt-update)
  4. 3. Extract all the files from the archive to SD:\zt-update
  5. Turn off your ZT-180, insert sd
  6. Turn on your ZT-180, when the text appears on the screen (1 sec after the screen goes on) press the round button to start update

How To Root (to be able to uninstall preinstalled apps and make system changes):

  1. Open "Universal Androot" (the icon of the orange lock in the apps)
  2. Select "Do not install superuser" instead of the default setting "Superuser for Android 2.0 ~ 2.2"
  3. Press "Root "
  4. Enjoy root

Download Zenithink ZT180 102asrta1020s6 Drivers here.

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