Applies to
US Robotics 005683-XX, 325683-XX Faxmodem (005683-00, 005683-01, 325683-01, 325683-02, 005683-03)

Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0

US Robotics

568303w.exe (for product number 005683-03)

370.1 KB

Driver Date & Version
03-22-99 (ver. 00568303)


Extract the downloaded driver installation file 568303w.exe onto your hard disk and follow the installation instructions included with your modem.

Please be aware that this file should not be used with any other product, only use it with US Robotics Faxmodem model 005683-03.

US Robotics Faxmodem model 5683 is somehow related to US Robotics Model 0613. Read on US Robotics Model 0613 Driver for more information.

Download US Robotics Faxmodem 005683-XX 325683-XX Driver here.

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