Applies to
Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) High Definition Audio for Lenovo Thinkpad X201 12.1" Notebook

Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP



1.08 MB

Driver Date & Version
08/20/2008 (ver. 1.0a)


This is the driver to solve problems with sound and audio or no sound in Lenovo Thinkpad X201 notebooks. In fact besides X201, the driver supports the following Thinkpad models as well:

  1. ThinkPad X200, X200s, X200 Tablet, X201, X201i, X201s, X201 Tablet
  2. ThinkPad R400
  3. ThinkPad R500
  4. ThinkPad T400, T400s, T410, T410i, T410s, T410si
  5. ThinkPad T500, T510, T510i
  6. ThinkPad W500, W510
  7. ThinkPad W700, W700ds
  8. ThinkPad X100e
  9. ThinkPad X300, X301
  10. ThinkPad Edge 13", 14", 15"
  11. ThinkPad Edge E30, E40, E50
  12. ThinkPad L410
  13. ThinkPad L510
  14. ThinkPad SL300
  15. ThinkPad SL400, SL400c, SL410
  16. ThinkPad SL500, SL500c, SL510
  17. ThinkPad R60, R60e, R61, R61e, R61i
  18. ThinkPad T60, T60p, T61, T61p
  19. ThinkPad X60, X60s, X60 Tablet, X61, X61s, X61 Tablet
  20. ThinkPad Z60m, Z60t, Z61e, Z61m, Z61p, Z61t

This driver installs the QFE Q888111 update module (QFE) provided by Microsoft. Universal Audio architecture (UAA) High Definition Audio class driver version 1.0a available for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000. One thing strange is Lenovo advices users to "Do not uninstall this software after installed."

UAA For X201 Driver Installation Steps

  1. Logon with a User ID with Administrator privilege.
  2. Execute OSDC01US.exe to extract this package onto the hard drive.
    The default extraction location is C:\DRIVERS\OSFIXES\WXPUP\XPSP2.
  3. Click Start, the click Run.
  4. In the Open field, type 888111US.EXE /nobackup with the full path where this package was extracted in step 2, and click OK.
    Example: C:\DRIVERS\OSFIXES\WXPUP\XPSP2\888111US.EXE /nobackup
    (/nobackup is the option to disable uninstallation of this software on Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel.)
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Download UAA for Lenovo X201 here.

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