Applies to
TSSTCorp TS-H492A Combo CDRW/DVD Drive




1.03 MB

Driver Date & Version
18 June 2007 (Ver. TB10)


This firmware update version TB10 for TSSTCorp TS-H492A is intended to improve the performance of the drive. Make sure that your TS-H492A is with OEM code: OEM and has the exact TS-H492A model number before flashing. For the instruction on how to perform the flashing, you can refer to TSST CD DVDW Firmware Update Readme and Program.

The firmware file for TS-H492A is slightly different from the usual *.bin file for TSSTCorp drives in the sense that it is an executable file and once start, it will try to determine you have the correct TS-H492A drive before continue to the next step.

Download TSSTCorp CDRW DVD Combo TS-H492A Firmware here.

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