Applies to
Tascam US-2400 USB Interfaces / Controllers

Windows XP



456.0 KB

Driver Date & Version
8/26/2005 (ver. 1.31)


This is the firmware updater application for Tascam US-2400 which will update the controller surface firmware.

Steps to install Tascam US2400 XP Pro Driver

  1. Download and extract to c:/. You will see Windows US2400 Firmware Updater V1_31 Release.exe extracted.
  2. Run Windows US2400 Firmware Updater V1_31 Release.exe
  3. Please exit all MIDI related applications and unplug all MIDI devices from your computer.
  4. Unplug the DC Power and USB connector cable from your Tascam US-2400.
  5. While holding down the POWER button, plug in the DC POWER connector.
  6. Release the POWER button. It should now be flashing rapidly. If it is not, please repeat from step 5.
  7. Plug in the USB cable and wait for your computer to recognize the US-2400.
  8. Normally Windows will play a sound when it finds the device and prompt you to do an automatic driver install if you have not updated before. There may be a short delay when [Next] is pressed.

Download Tascam US2400 XP Pro Driver here.

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