Applies to
Tandberg SLR140 (Scalable Linear Recording) 5.25-inch Half-height Tape Drive

Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Linux, Solaris



1.26 MB

Driver Date & Version
01/29/2003 (ver.


Tandberg SLR 140 Introduction

Tandberg SLR140 is the next generation SLR tape drive based on the highly reliable SLR technology platform that has gained industry recognition for its quality and reliability.

The standard 5.25-inch half height form-factor allows easy installation and integration into most PC servers and workstations. It is backwards compatible to lower capacity tape drives such as SLR100, SLR75, SLR60, SLR50, SLR40 and SLR7 allowing current and new SLR customers to migrate from lower to higher performance and capacity and protecting their investments.

Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows 2000 Driver Installation

  1. Driver located in
  2. TANDBERG.SYS is a Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 software driver, supporting the standard SCSI-2 versions of the Tandberg Data tape drives:
    1. SLR2 (TDC 3800)
    2. SLR3 (TDC 4100)
    3. SLR4 (TDC 4200)
    4. SLR4-DC (TDC 4222)
    5. SLR5, SLR7, SLR24 (SLR6), SLR32 (MLR1), SLR40, SLR50 (MLR3), SLR60, SLR75, SLR100 and SLR140.
  3. The TANDBERG.SYS replaces the driver named TANDQIC.SYS applicable to most of these drives.

Solaris Driver Installation

  1. Driver is st.conf
  2. This file is to be used with all versions of Solaris.
  3. ALL the Tanderg products are supported - SLR24 -SLR140; 220LTO-420LTO.
  4. Placed in /kernel/drv and run boot -- -rv to reboot and initialize the drive.

Linux Driver Installation

  1. Driver file is stinit.def
  2. This file is to be used with Linux (ALL VERSIONS, ALL FLAVOURS).
  3. ALL the Tanderg products are supported - SLR24 -SLR140; 220LTO-420LTO.
  4. Placed in /etc directory and run stinit.

Besides drivers, you will also find the latest firmware for Tandberg SLR140 together with the firmware flashing program.

  1. Latest firmware:
  2. Firmware Flashing Program: Firmware-Flasher-Flashit

    FlashIt is a firmware utility used to upgrade the microcode in Tandberg Data tape drives, communicating with the tape drives through their SCSI interface.

Download Tandberg SLR 140 SCSI Drivers here.

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