Applies to
Silicon Image SiI3112 - PCI to 2 Port SATA150

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista

Silicon Image


130 KB

Driver Date & Version
6/25/2007 (ver.


Use this driver with the latest BASE BIOS to access non-RAID hard disk drives, CD-ROMs, CDRWs, DVD-ROMs, and DVD-RWs. Latest SiI3x12 BIOS: 4.x.84;

Windows 2000, XP or 2003 Driver Installation

  1. Follow the instructions here if you are performing a new installation of Windows 2000/XP or Windows Server 2003, and you wish to boot from a device attached to the SiI 3x12 SATALink controller.
  2. If installing Windows 2000, you must first edit the txtsetup.oem file on the driver installation disk and delete the line from the [Config.Si3112] section that reads:

    value = Parameters\\PnpInterface, 5, REG_DWORD, 1

  3. Power off the system. Insert the SiI 3x12 SATALink controller into an available PCI slot. Connect serial ATA cable(s) between the SiI 3x12 controller and the serial ATA device(s). Power up the system.

    Put your Windows Win2k/XP or Windows Server 2003 CD into the CD/DVD-ROM drive, or the Win2k boot diskette #1 in the floppy drive if your system cannot boot from the CD.

    Press F6 for third party SCSI or driver installation at the beginning of text mode installation. Press [s] when setup asks if you want to specify an additional device, and insert the diskette labeled [Silicon Image SiI 3x12 SATALink Driver Installation Disk] then press Enter. From the menu presented next, select the controller installation process that corresponds to the version of Windows being installed and press Enter.

  4. Press Enter again when prompted to continue on with text mode setup.
  5. Follow the setup instructions to select your choice for partition and file system.
  6. After setup examines your disks, it will copy files from the CD to the hard drive selected above and restart the system. After restart the setup process will resume to finish the installation.
  7. Once the operating system installation has completed you can follow the instructions in Verifying Controller Installation to verify controller was installed correctly.

Download Silicon Image SII 3112 SataRaid Controller Driver here.

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