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Silicon Image SiI0680A - PCI to 2 Port IDE/PATA Ultra-133 ATA Controller

Windows Vista 32bit/64bit

Silicon Image

FileName (64bit) / (32bit)

346 KB / 124 KB

Driver Date & Version
2/25/2008 (ver. / ver.


The main enhancement or newly added functionality of this new driver is the latest IDE BIOS to access non-RAID hard disk drives, CD-ROMs, CDRWs, DVD-ROMs, and DVD-RWs. Latest SiI0680/0680A BIOS:3.3.08.

Installing the Driver In Windows Vista

  1. Follow the instructions in this section if you are performing a new installation of Windows Vista and you wish to boot from a device attached to the SiI 0680 controller.
  2. Power off the system. Insert the SiI 0680 controller into an available PCI slot. Connect parallel ATA cable(s) between the SiI 0680 controller and your ATA and ATAPI device(s). Power up the system.
  3. Put your Windows Vista DVD into the DVD-ROM drive, and insert the diskette labeled [Silicon Image ATA/133 Driver Installation Disk] into your floppy drive.
  4. When Vista starts from the DVD, change the displayed language and keyboard preferences if necessary and click [Next], then click [Install now] from the following screen.
  5. Enter your product key and click next.
  6. Check the box [I accept the license terms] and click [Next].
  7. Click the box labeled [Custom (advanced)].
  8. Click the icon labeled [Load Driver], then on the [Load Driver] dialog that pops up, click [OK].
  9. On the [Select the driver to be installed] screen, select the item labeled [Silicon Image SiI 0680 ATA/133 Controller] and click [Next]. Windows will now load the driver.
  10. You should now see the drive you installed in step 1 displayed on the screen. Click [Drive options (advanced)].
  11. Ensure that the unallocated space of the drive you installed in step 1 is highlighted and then click [New]. From the size box that appears specify the size of the partition to be created to contain the Vista OS installation, and then click [Apply].
  12. Ensure that the partition created in the previous step is selected and click [Next].
  13. Follow the on screen prompts to complete the installation of Vista. Once the operating system installation has completed you can follow the instructions in Verifying Controller Installation to verify the controller was installed correctly.

Download Silicon Image SII 0680 Vista Driver here.

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