Applies to
Sierra Wireless AirCard 860 for AT&T

Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista

Sierra Wireless


7.15 MB

Driver Date & Version
5/9/2007 (ver. U1_2_54)


Sierra Wireless AirCard 860 for AT&T Firmware Update Instructions

  1. Download AC8x0-FW-U1_2_54.exe and save to your Desktop. Leave the file name as is and click Save.
  2. When the Download Complete window appears, click Close.
  3. Ensure that the Sierra Wireless AirCard 860 modem is inserted in the computer.
  4. On the desktop, double-click the downloaded exe file. The Open File – Security Warning window opens.
  5. Click Run. The Binary Update Tool window opens, automatically checks for the modem, and begins downloading the firmware.
  6. Caution: Do not remove the modem while the firmware is being downloaded and installed. Doing so may render your AirCard 860 modem useless and unable to function correctly.
  7. When the firmware upgrade is complete, click OK.

Download Sierra Wireless AirCard 860 AT&T Firmware/Driver here.

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