Applies to
Sansa View Video MP3 Player

PDF Manual



424.0 KB

Driver Date & Version
(ver. 1.0)


With this instruction manual/user manual, you will be able to:

  1. get to know the safety instructions, hearing safety, and cleaning tips for your SanDisk Sansa View player.
  2. familiarize yourself with the features and functionality of your Sansa View player.
  3. basic usage instructions for your Sansa View player.
  4. how to transfer music files, photos, and videos from your computer to your Sansa View player.
  5. play music and audiobooks, watch videos, and view photos on your Sansa View player.
  6. listen to FM broadcast radio and to program the preset stations on Sansa View player.
  7. use your Sansa View player built-in microphone to do voice recordings.
  8. delete music, photos, video, and recordings on Sansa View player.
  9. customize your Sansa View player settings.
  10. get the most from your SanDisk Sansa View player with tips and troubleshooting.
  11. get service and support for your Sansa View player.

The instruction manual is quite short at 37 pages long so please have a look before using your Sansa view.

Download Sansa View Instruction Manual here.

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