Applies to
Realtex HD ALC 880, all available HD Audio Codec by Realtex

Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit

Realtek Semiconductor Corp.


72.7 MB

Driver Date & Version
08/21/2010 (2.51)


Realtex HD ALC 880 Audio Codec v R2.48 is outdated. The latest version available for download is version 2.51. Realtex provides a general audio drivers for all their audio ICs and may not offer the customizations made by your system/motherboard manufacturer. To be sure you obtain the full features/customizations provided in your original audio product, please download the latest drivers from your system/motherboard website. Installation procedure for Realtex HD Audio Codec for Windows 7 is as followed:

  • Run the setup.exe from
  • Click on [Next] to continue. If the Windows popup [Windows cannot verify the publisher of this driver software] message, press [Install this driver software anyway] to continue the installation.
  • Finally, select to restart the system and press [Finish] to complete the installation.
  • Download Realtek HD ALC 880 Audio Codecs v R2.48 For Windows 7 here.

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