Applies to
ATI Radeon 7200 series display card

Windows 2000, Windows XP



48.17 Mb

Driver Date & Version
15 Nov 2006 (ver 6.11)


This driver applied to ATI Radeon 7200 series display card. The Radeon 7200 features rapid 32-bit color 3D graphics, advanced 3D technology and robust T and L engine for graphic realism. The card bring your images to life providing advanced graphics performance and processing capabilities.

Some of the features of ATI Radeon 7200 series display card.
- 64MB of powerful single data rate (SDR) memory
- Supports 3D resolutions (32-bit color) up to 2048x1536
- AGP 2.0 Compliant BUS - AGP 2X (3.3V), AGP 4X (1.5V), or AGP2X/4X based systems

This package include Display Driver for Windows XP OS, Catalyst Control Center and WDM Drivers.

Download Radeon 7200 Driver here.

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