Applies to
PNY Attaché USB Flash Drives (64MB USB 1.1) and (128MB to 16GB USB 2.0)

Windows 98SE

PNY Technologies


761 KB

Driver Date & Version
7/13/2007 (rev. 14.1)


For PNY Attache USB drives, there are two different Windows 98SE drivers for different models. One driver is for older model e.g. 64MB PNY Attache drives using USB 1.1 interface and the other one is for newer models from 128MB to 16GB using USB 2.0.

For 64 MB PNY Attache drives, you need to go to /64MB USB1.1 Driver/ folder and run P11.exe to install the driver. Follow on screen instructions to finish the driver installation.

For 128MB to 16GB PNY Attache drives, you need to use point to the driver information file under /128MB-16GB USB2.0 Driver/ folder when Windows 98SE found the new hardware and prompt for the driver inf file. Find the driver information file musb6E.inf and lets Windows 98 finish the driver installation.

PNY stated on its site that certain customers are using third-party drivers may be available for download elsewhere that will allow our drives to work with Windows 98SE, but have not had an opportunity to test them, and PNY can not therefore support or endorse third-party drivers. So better stick to the original driver from PNY website.

Download PNY Attache Win98 Drivers here.

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