Applies to
ScanSoft PaperPort 9.0

Windows 7, Windows 8

ScanSoft Inc.



Driver Date & Version
n/a (n/a)


According to PaperPort 9 Getting Started Guide dated March 2003, PaperPort is designed to work with any TWAIN- and WIA-compatible scanners. Therefore if you are looking for the Windows 7 drivers for PaperPort 9, you should probably looking for the TWAIN driver for your scanner instead. Let me know if you need help in finding the scanner driver by leaving me a comment below.

After you have installed the correct Windows 7 drivers for your scanner, you can start PaperPort 9 and use the Scan pane to call up your scanner’s program to bring images and documents into PaperPort so that you can use PaperPort’s features.

When the scan is complete, you will see your item on the PaperPort desktop. PaperPort makes it easy to scan pages as separate items or as a multi-page item.

If your scanner does not use a TWAIN or WIA device driver, use the program that came with your scanner to scan items. Then, copy or move the scanned items to PaperPort. Refer to the PaperPort Help for more information about scanning.

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