Applies to
Panasonic MiniDV Camcorder PV-GS83

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OS X v10.3 to v 10.4

Panasonic Corporation of North America.



Driver Date & Version
N/A (N/A)


There is no special or specific driver for Panasonic PVGS83 camcorder. The needed driver depends on how the user connects the camcorder to the PC.
If the PVGS83 camcorder connects to PC using USB connection, and it is only compatible with USB 1.1 or later. For Windows XP and above users, the camcorder operates with the driver installed on standard OS. For Windows 2000 users, if the USB driver is not available, it can be easily found from the Internet.
If the PVGS83 camcorder connects to PC via the DV interface cable, it also not required any specific driver besides the standard FireWire card driver that comes when you purchase the FireWire card. It is OHCI compliant. Panasonic advice that, during camcorder playback, user should not disconnect the DV interface cable or turn the camcorder off as it may cause the PC hang-up error, and it is often diagnose by user that it is cause by invalid driver used.

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