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Network Adapter Drivers for MS-DOS for Intel 8256x Ethernet Controllers.

DOS and Novel ODI/NDIS2

Intel Corporation


553 KB

Driver Date & Version
7/13/2010 (ver. 15.4.1)


On Intel driver download page, you will find the following results when searching for a DOS driver for Intel 82567LM network adapters:

Product Name Results
Intel 82567 Gigabit Ethernet Controller No DOS driver found. Only DOS downloads are administrative Tools for Intel Network Adapters.
Intel 8256x Ethernet Controllers Network Adapter Drivers for MS-DOS which provide files for installing ODI and NDIS 2 Intel Ethernet Adapter drivers for MS-DOS.

Intel 82567LM being a subset of Intel 8256X Ethernet controllers, suppose should have the same DOS driver listed as well. Oh well...

System Requirement for Intel 82567LM DOS Driver

  1. If you are loading EMM386.EXE in the CONFIG.SYS file, Intel PCI adapter DOS drivers require EMM386 version 4.49 or higher. This is the version that ships with MS-DOS 6.22. If you use an earlier version of EMM386, the driver will hang when loading.
  2. The Intel PRO/1000 adapter DOS drivers are not compatible with EMM386 when used on older Intel PRO/1000 adapters, such as the Intel PRO/1000 T Server Adapter. These older adapters require an access method that is not compatible with expanded memory managers. The Intel PRO/1000 C, X, M and G series of adapters should work with expanded memory managers using the DOS drivers included in this archive.

Both PRO/100 and PRO/1000 are supported. Below is a list of supported Intel ethernet adapters:

VENDOR_ID 8086 Intel Corporation
1229 Intel(R) PRO/100 M Desktop Adapter
1029 Fast Ethernet PCI/CardBus Controller
1209 Fast Ethernet Controller
2449 82559ER Integrated 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet Controller
1031 PRO/100 VE Network Connection
1032 PRO/100 VE Network Connection
1033 multimedia video controller
1034 PRO/100 VM Network Connection
1035 Phoneline Network Connection
1036 Phoneline Network Connection
1037 82801CAM LAN Controller
1038 PRO/100 VM/KM Network Connection
1039 LAN Controller with 82562ET/EZ PHY
103A LAN Controller with 82562ET/EZ (CNR) PHY
103B LAN Controller with 82562EM/EX PHY
103C LAN Controller with 82562EM/EX (CNR) PHY
103D PRO/100 VE Network Connection
103E PRO/100 VM Network Connection
2459 LAN0 Controller
245D LAN1 Controller
1059 Fast Ethernet PCI/CardBus Controller
1050 PRO/100 VE Network Connection
1051 PRO/100 VE Network Connection
1052 PRO/100 VM Network Connection
1053 PRO/100 VM Network Connection
1054 PRO/100 VE Network Connection (mobile)
1055 PRO/100 VM Network Connection (mobile)
1056 n/a
1057 n/a
1064 Intel Pro VE 82562EZ PLC
1065 82801FB/FR/FW/FRW LAN Controller
1066 n/a
1067 n/a
1068 1068h 82562ET/EZ/GT/GZ PRO/100 VE Ethernet Controller
1069 n/a
106A n/a
106B n/a
27DC IntelĀ® PRO/100 VE Desktop Adapter
1091 n/a
1092 PRO/100 VE Network Controller
1093 n/a
1094 Onboard - Intel PRO 100/VE nic
1095 n/a
10FE n/a

*Model names were extracted from using PCI VENDOR_ID and DEVICE_ID found on oemsetup.inf, so may not match 100% of Intel models.

Download Intel 82567LM DOS Drivers here.

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