Applies to
Acer Aspire X1200

Windows Vista, Windows 7

Acer Inc.


123.7 MB

Driver Date & Version
06/30/2009 (1.81)


Acer Aspire X1200 supports Windows Vista and Windows 7. Acer websites has all the drivers needed for these 3 OS to run X1200 desktop. The download page will bring you to Acer webiste. After you have reach the website, to get the Nvidia SCSI Raid Host Controller Drivers for Acer Aspire X1200, scroll down to Chipset section, and the drivers are listed as:

  1. Chipset Driver (LAN,SataIDE,RAID,SMBus,SMU,GPU), version 1.81, 123.7 MB
  2. Chipset Driver (LAN,SataIDE,RAID,SMBus,SMU,GPU) version, 52.4 MB
  3. Chipset Driver version 15.37, 37.9 MB
  4. Chipset Driver version 15.37, 40.9 MB
Filtering the driver selection using the Operating system selection on upper section of the page seems like not working, as the return result is always these 4 drivers. Actually, the supported operating system for each of the driver is as followed:
  1. Windows Vista x64
  2. Windows Vista x32
  3. Windows 7 x32
  4. Windows 7 x64
So, you may now choose the correct driver file compatible with your operating system.

Download NVIDIA SCSI Raid Host Controller Drivers for Acer Aspire X1200 here.

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