Applies to
NEC SuperScript 660 (6xx series) Printers

Windows 95/98



9.61 MB

Driver Date & Version
n/a (ver. 4.0)


This is the old Windows 95/98 driver for NEC SuperScript 660 printer. The download file is a zip file containing seven compressed driver files namely ss95e1.exe to ss95e7.exe. So you need to download the file and unzip to a temporary folder.

The driver is to be decompressed with Diskette Image Decompression Utility by NEC Technologies Inc. You will see these messages:
Diskette Label: disk 1 of 7 version 4.0 Windows 95 6xx series driver will install into Windows 95 OEM release 2. Please read the readme.txt and osr2inst.doc before installing

I tried to run the first exe file ss95e1.exe and it just hang without doing any thing. I guess you will need to have to run it in pure DOS environment. You may need a diskette drive as well. Well, I do not have a diskette drive in hand so please try at your own risk.

You are welcome to help other users by writing in comments on how the installation for NEC SuperScript 660 driver goes.

New: Just remember something, some idea back in the day of using DOS. Maybe you will need to copy each ss95e1.exe to ss95e7.exe in a diskette, meaning copy ss95e1.exe into disk 1, ss95e2.exe to disk 2 etc... Then you insert disk 1 and run ss95e1.exe. You might be asked to insert disk 2 when prompted. This is just a suggestion so feel free to comment if it works.

Download NEC SuperScript 660 Printer Driver here.

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