Applies to
Mitsubishi CRT VS-60609 Television




11.1 MB

Driver Date & Version
n/a (ver. 1.0)


This is the user manual for Mitsubishi Projection Television models:

  1. VS-45609
  2. VS-50609
  3. VS-55609
  4. VS-60609
  5. VS-60719
  6. VS-70709

Basically the user manual is divided into three main categories:

  1. Installation
    1. Front Control Panel Functions
    2. Back Panel Functions
    3. PIP Connections
    4. System 4 Home Theatre IR Control
    5. Connecting to antenna, cable box, vcr, audio receiver, s-video and system 4 home theatre IR control
  2. Setup
    1. Programming the Remote Control
    2. On Screen Menu system
    3. Timer
    4. Convergence
    5. Special Features
    6. A/V Setting Descriptions
  3. Operation
    1. Remote Control Functions
    2. Channel
    3. Sleep
    4. System 4 Home Theater IR
    5. Special Functions

Download Mitsubishi 60609 Manual here.

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