Applies to
Lexmark Z31 Color Jetprinter, Lexmark Z32 Color Jetprinter, Lexmark 3200 Printer, Lexmark Z12 Printer

Linux Mandrake 7.2, Linux Mandrake 7.0, Linux Mandrake 7.1, RedHat Linux 6.0, RedHat Linux 6.1, RedHat Linux 6.2, SuSe 6.2, SuSe 6.3




Driver Date & Version


Some people found that Lexmark printer LXM3200 driver works for Lexmark Z31 Printer, and also Z32 as well as Z12. Hence, the author of this driver makes some tweaking to the original LXM3200 driver so that it is more suitable for Z31 printer. The PPD file is generated by PPD-O-MATIC version 4.o and it cannot be simply edited using any word processing editor, as editor might add extra line breaks to the PPD file, and causes unexpected result.

Download Linux Lexmark Z31 Driver here.

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