Applies to
HP Deskjet 895/895cxi/895cse Printers

Windows Vista 32bit / 64bit

Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.



Driver Date & Version
n/a (n/a)


For HP Deskjet 895 printer, the Windows Vista printer driver is already included with the installation of your Windows Vista. According to HP driver download page, there is no need to download anything. Follow the steps below to quickly and easily get your product working with Windows Vista. However please note that the pre-installed (in-OS) Windows Vista driver only supports basic printing features for your HP Deskjet 895 printer.

With the basic print driver, the buttons on the product do not function and some of the advanced product features are not available. However, there is solution for this problem. You can use the workaround procedures in this document and you will be able to print from a software program. You can also import and view images on a memory card, if your PC has a memory card slot.

Instructions to install the HP Deskjet 895 Print Driver in Windows Vista

  1. Connect your HP Deskjet 895 to your computer,
  2. Windows Vista will detects your Deskjet 895 and automatically installs the correct print driver.
  3. Upon completion, a notification lets you know it is complete. You do not have to download any software or insert the product CD.
  4. A [Your devices are ready to use] window might display on the screen. If the window displays and does not close automatically, close the window.
  5. The above Windows Vista HP Deskjet 895 basic print driver that you installed from the Windows Vista operating system is sufficient printing from a software program, and for importing and viewing images on a memory card.
  6. To print using HP Deskjet 895, open the document to be printed in the software application in which it was created. Then click File, and then click Print.

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