Applies to
Iomega Zip 100MB (USB, ATAPI and SCSI models), Zip 100MB Parallel Port NOT supported in Vista

Windows Vista 32bit




Driver Date & Version
n/a (n/a)


Need driver for your Iomega Zip 100 to be use in Windows Vista? Well, here is the information:

  1. IomegaWare software will not work with Windows Vista.
  2. You are able to use your ZipĀ® 100MB, 250MB or 750MB USB, ATAPI, FireWire or SCSI drives in Windows Vista, despite not using IomegaWare.
  3. Certain features supplied by IomegaWare will no longer be available, including:
    • Long format (short format will still be available through native Windows Vista tools)
    • Password protection
Thus if you are planning to migrate to Windows Vista and use your Iomega Zip 100, please make a backup copy of your data in the zip 100 disks, just in case your drives do not work as expected.

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