Applies to
HP Color Inkjet Printer cp1700 Series (cp1700, cp1700d and cp1700ps)

Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows XP



42.0 MB

Driver Date & Version
28 Jan 2004 (ver. 1.4)


This is the full version of the cp1700 printer driver (size of 42 MB). There is another [lite] version which is 2 MB in size.

Included in the Driver File

  1. Installation instructions
  2. The printer driver uninstaller
  3. The hp cp1700 toolbox

HP cp1700 Installation Instructions

  1. Download the cp1700En.exe file to a temporary directory on your local hard drive, e.g. c:/temp/
  2. Double click the downloaded cp1700En.exe file to extract all necessary components onto a folder named /cp1700/ and initiate an automatic launch of the setup program.
  3. Follow the step-by-step instructions on your screen.

Fixes in this New Driver

  1. NTFS access rights printing issues. the print dialog box cannot be shown
  2. Errors occurring during upgrading from Setup v1.1 to Setup v1.4 (LPT)
  3. Installer hangs if user launches toolbox before the driver upgrade.
  4. Silent installation fails in Win XP
  5. PNP installation from floppy disks fails
  6. PNP through root INF (USB & LPT) installation fails

Known Issues/limitations

  1. While installing the driver V1.4 using the USB setup method in WinXP, two printer icons are created in the printer folder.
  2. While running the Setup program for driver version 1.4 through the Network ( Basic or Peer to Peer Network setup) , [Printer not supported] is displayed on the screen.

    This occurs for the following Print Servers: 380x, 310x, J7942A .The following print servers do not display any error messages: 500, 300, wp110, 170, 175, 250.

  3. Error code is displayed when trying to monitor DOT4 connection from toolbox. This occurs while upgrading the Printer from the Web Release 1.1 Setup to the CPE RC3 v1.4 through Add Printer.
  4. The printer status tab displays [Unable to monitor printer}. This occurs while installing driver 1.1 using Add Printer. After rebooting and launching the toolbox this message comes up.

    Workaround: Reboot once again and launch the toolbox.

Download HP Color Inkjet Printer cp 1700 A3 Driver here.

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