Applies to
GIGA-BYTE GV-R9200 VIVO series 3D Graphics Accelerator powered by ATi 9200 Chipset

Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP

ATI / Gigabyte


76.50 MB

Driver Date & Version
2005/01/14 (ver.


GIGA-BYTE GV-R9200 VIVO is a series of graphic cards sold by Gigabyte around year 2003/2004. GV-R9200 is based on ATI Radeon 9200LE GPU, hence the model number R9200.

Based on Gigabyte News release, there are four models available for GV-R9200:

  1. GV-R9200-VI
  2. GV-R9200-H
  3. GV-R9200-128D
  4. GV-R9200-64D

Gigabytes GV-R9200 Models Detail Specifications

For detail specification and differences between each model, please refer to the table below:

Featuring ATi the latest technology, Gigabyte GV-R9200 VIVO graphics accelerator provides new level of visual realism in graphics and video content. The SMART SHEADER technology supports Microsoft DirectX 8.1 feature sets, enhancing in-game performance and enabling more complex and realistic lighting effects. The SMOOTHVISION delivers the sharpest, clearest textures without sacrificing frame rates. The VIDEO IMMERSION integrates features to provide tremendous support for digital and high definition video. The FULLSTREAM technology produces smoother-looking, higher quality streaming internet content without consuming the computing power of CPU.

The GA-R9200 VIVO provides high-end performance to the mainstream graphics market. The GA-R9200 VIVO features four parallel, highly optimized rendering pipelines usually available only for the high-end gaming cards that significantly enhance performance and game-play responsiveness by doubling the pixel fill rate. It also supports high-speed AGP8X interface to provide superior bandwidth for the most demanding tasks and reach an outstanding 3D graphics performance. A total of 128MB high performance DDR SDRAM is integrated to ensure this card equipped with the capacity for intensive graphics processing.

The GV-R9200 VIVO also integrates unique video input design, collaborating with the PowerDirector Pro II, to provide the amazing enjoyment and efficient processing of video editing. PowerDirector Pro II is a powerful video editing utility with simple interface design thus helping GA-R9200 VIVO to deliver a complete solution for video content processing.

In addition to GV-R9200 VIVO, several Radeon 9200 based products are available in this GV-R9200 product family. The GV-R9200-H is premium version of GV-R9200 VIVO by adding the feature of hardware monitoring for temperature and fan speed control. The GV-R9200-D with 128MB or 64MB memory provides another two choices with the up-to-date architecture for the mainstream market. The GV-R9200 family will represent the best value solution of the year.

Download Gigabyte GV-R9200 Rev 1.0 Driver here.

2 thoughts on “Gigabyte GV-R9200 Rev 1.0 Driver

  • neo October 29, 2014 7:04 pm #

    Hello Mr

    Can you help me about getting a download link for GV-R9200 rev.1.1 graphics card for window XP/7

  • neo October 29, 2014 7:05 pm #

    Hello Mr

    Can you help me about getting a download link for GV-R9200 rev.1.0 graphics card for window XP/7


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