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Advanced Printer Drivers for Epson TM-U220 Series Impact Printers, EPSON TM-T88IV(Serial and USB), EPSON TM-U220A/B/D(Serial and USB)

Windows 32bit: Microsoft Windows XP Professional 32bit SP3 English, Microsoft Windows XP Embedded 32bit SP2 and Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit SP1 English

Windows 64bit: Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate (x64) SP1, Windows Server 2008 Standard (x64)

Not Supported: Windows 95/98/NT/2000

Epson America, Inc.


62.70 MB

Driver Date & Version
11/26/2008 (ver. 4.04 (Windows 32bit)

ver. 4.03 (Windows 64bit))


Found these Epson TM-U220 and TM-T88IV printers drivers on Rapidshare but the file size is huge: 62.70 MB so you may want to spend some time downloading it.

There are four files in the file and here are the file contents after you have extracted the downloaded file :

  1. /epson-tm-u220/32bit/32bit-driver.exe
  2. /epson-tm-u220/32bit/installation-readme.pdf
  3. /epson-tm-u220/64bit/64bit-driver.exe
  4. /epson-tm-u220/64bit/README.TXT

The file names say it all. You may want to spend some time reading through the read me files as these Epson Impact Printers are more complicated compare to our daily consumer printers. The installation may involve installing over network and between Windows 32bit PC and Windows 64bit PC.

Supported Printer Models by 32bit Drivers

  3. EPSON TM-U220A/B/D
  4. EPSON TM-H6000III
  5. EPSON TM-H6000II
  6. EPSON TM-J7600/7500
  7. EPSON TM-T70
  8. EPSON TM-T90
  9. EPSON TM-L90
  10. EPSON TM-L90Peeler
  11. EPSON TM-U295
  12. EPSON TM-H5000II
  13. EPSON TM-H5200
  14. EPSON TM-L60II
  15. EPSON TM-U230
  16. EPSON TM-U375
  17. EPSON TM-U675
  18. EPSON TM-U590
  19. EPSON TM-U950
  20. EPSON TM-J7100/7000
  21. EPSON TM-P60
  22. EPSON TM-P60 Peeler
  23. EPSON TM-U120
  24. EPSON TM-C100
  25. EPSON DM-D110/120/210
  26. EPSON DM-D500
  27. EPSON BA-T500
  28. EPSON EU-T300
  29. EPSON EU-T400
  30. EPSON EU-T500

Windows 32 bit Driver Installation for Epson TM-U220PB

Please refer to the Driver Installation readme in /epson-tm-u220/32bit/installation-readme.pdf

Supported Printer Models by 64bit Drivers

  1. EPSON TM-T88IV (Serial and USB)
  2. EPSON TM-U220A/B/D (Serial and USB)

Windows 64bit Driver Installation for EPSON TM-T88IV(Serial and USB), EPSON TM-U220A/B/D(Serial and USB)

To install the printer driver for the 64-bit operating system on a PC with a 64-bit operating system:
  1. Install the separately provided APD4 for the 32-bit operating system on the PC with the 32-bit operating system.
  2. Make settings to designate the installed printer as a shared printer.
  3. Decompress 64bit-driver.exe, which is the printer driver for the 64-bit operating system and comes with the 64-bit operating system, in a folder that is accessible for the user. Then, follow the steps below to install the printer driver.
    1. Go to the [Printers] folder - the File menu - Server Properties - the Drivers tab, and then click the Add button.
    2. Follow the displayed wizard. In the [Processor and Operating System Selection] window, uncheck [Intel] in Environment, and check gx64h only.
    3. In the [Printer Driver Selection] window, click [Have Disk], decompress 64bit-driver.exe, and specify the generated TM-US.INF.
    4. From this step, follow the instructions of the installation wizard.
  4. Connect the shared printer and the PC with the 64-bit operating system. The shared printer becomes ready to print.
  5. When Using the Remote Desktop connection, the printer driver is installed on the server automatically.

Download Epson TM-U220PB Drivers here.

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