Applies to
Encore Electronics ENLWI-N 802.11n Wireless PCI Adapter

Windows 98, 2000 and Windows XP

Encore Electronics


28.30 MB

Driver Date & Version
6/13/2007 (ver. 802.11n)


Driver Setup Steps

  1. Download and run setup.exe
  2. During driver installation, Encore Electronics ENLWI-N 802.11n Wireless PCI Adapter driver has two types of configuration tools to select of:
    1. 802.11n PCI Configuration Tool.
    2. Microsoft Zero Configuration Tool.
  3. Choose Configuration TxBurst or WiFi.

    TxBurst is for better performance mode.

    WiFi mode is for more stable connection.

  4. After setting these two settings, the installation will begin to copy system driver files to your PC.
  5. Restart your PC when driver installation done.

Download ENLWI-N Windows 98 Driver here.

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