Download TSST CD DVDW Firmware Update Readme and Program

2 thoughts on “Download TSST CD DVDW Firmware Update Readme and Program

  • Emily June 3, 2010 6:53 pm #

    Someone gave me a TS-H552L cd dvd rw since my old writer is picky and on it’s way to the glue factory. I googled for a driver since XP recognized it but doesn’t have the driver available.

    Who knew what an educating evening it has become? After chasing around alot and finding just about everything but the driver I stumbled here for the firmware.

    OK so I download the .bin file and click on it and… nuthin, then I try upgrading through my trusty device manager and surfing to my brand new TS-H552L folder containg my new and shiney .bin but lo and behold its not an .inf file. So I tried open with and used everything in site short of a nut cracker but windows is basically saying no fricken way.

    Can’t figure out how this is supposed to help me on my merry lightscribe way. Ended up back here and now I am downloading the firmware update readme and program.

    So now I’m wondering why there is no mention of: You GOTTA have the readme and program files in order to even install the afore mentioned .bin file.

    And to make a short story long, Why not have both on the same page? I got kinda thrown by all the suggestions of where else to go to look for all things Samsung. —–>

    “Samsung TS-H552L DVD Writer Guide @ Yahoo
    Samsung TS-H552L DVD Writer manual @ MSN
    Samsung TS-H552L DVD Writer instruction @ AlltheWeb
    Samsung TS-H552L DVD Writer handbook @ LookSmart
    Samsung TS-H552L DVD Writer repair manual @ HotBot
    Samsung TS-H552L DVD Writer service manual @ AskJeeves”

    All evidence to the contrary I am greatful to you for this site. I can see there is a lot of Blood Sweat and Time in it and it is after all saving me from owning yet another electronic boat anchor.

    If you don’t mind I would like to take the two downloads I’ve taken from this site tonight zip them together and post them on Driver Guide and possibly as a torrent? I will of course gladly give this site credit for my find. If not that’s cool too.

    After all this I hope it works! :) I promise no long tirades if it doesn’t.

    Thanks again!


  • admin June 3, 2010 10:01 pm #

    You are welcome, Emily. Glad you find it useful.


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