Applies to
Dell Wireless DW1390 (also support DW1395, DW1490 and DW1505 WLAN)

Windows XP 32bit, Windows XP 64bit



113 MB

Driver Date & Version
10/13/2009 (ver., A31)



  1. Release incorporates updated drivers for new WLAN adapters
  2. Release also includes minor bug fixes for application and installer issues.
  3. Installer package containing driver and application version
  4. If upgrading for release A14 and no preferred networks were configured prior to the upgrade, the tray icon will not appear after the upgrade. Remedy is to enable the tray icon in the GUI.

Dell DW1390 Windows XP Driver Installation

  1. Download the driver file R242906.exe
  2. Double click the file and it will start self-extract to a temporary folder e.g. C:/DELL/DRIVERS/R242906
  3. Go to C:/DELL/DRIVERS/R242906 and find the setup.exe file. Run it.
  4. Follow on screen instructions to complete the Dell DW1390 driver installation in Windows XP.

Supported Dell Models

  1. Latitude D530
  2. Latitude D531
  3. Latitude D631
  4. Latitude D420
  5. Latitude D430
  6. Latitude XFR D630
  7. Latitude XT
  8. Latitude 131L
  9. Latitude ATG D620
  10. Latitude ATG D630
  11. Latitude D520
  12. Latitude D620
  13. Latitude D630
  14. Latitude D820
  15. Latitude D830
  16. Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M65
  17. Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M90
  18. Latitude D630c
  19. Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M2300
  20. Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M6300
  21. Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M4300

Download Dell DW1390 XP Drivers here.

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