Applies to
HP DVD Movie Writer DC 3000/4000 External DVD Writer

Windows 2000, Windows XP (Might work with Windows Vista 32)



593 KB

Driver Date & Version
12/29/2003 (ver.


If your HP dc3000 is having problem capturing video because the valid video LED on the dc3000 front panel is blinking or are having audio sync/echo issues, this updated driver may help because it has a more robust algorithm to lock on to signals. You can install it by downloading this zip file and following these procedures.

DC3000 Driver Installation

  1. Extract the files to a convenient folder whose location will be easy to remember, e.g. c:/.
  2. Launch the Device Manager, open up the [Sound, video, and game controllers].
  3. Right click on the [HP DVD Movie Writer dc3000] and select [Update Driver]. Stop here if install to Windows 2000 and XP.
  4. If you install to Windows Vista, a message that DC3000 has the wrong WinNT version number will appear and the installation failed. See next to proceed.
  5. Windows Vista then automatically re-launches the installation in [compatibility mode] where it asks you if you want to use the recommended settings and if you select that option, it will complete the installation and your DVD Movie Writer will work with Vista.

Notes for Windows Vista 64bit

The DVD Movie Writer DC3000 will NOT work with any of the 64-bit versions of Windows because that requires special drivers which are not available for the capture device.

See this detailed explanation from if you need more information.

Download DC 3000 Arcsoft Vista Driver here.

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