Applies to
CMedia CMI8738-based PCI Sound Cards

Windows XP




Driver Date & Version
08/26/2002 (0639)


C-Media or CMI is a major audio chip manufacturer. It offers support for pci audio, Codec audio products and does not provide end-user support for other products at this time. For support related issues, better contact your audio card hardware manufacturer.

If your audio card is the build-in type (with motherboard), actually you may want to look through your motherboard manufacturer website for a more suitable drivers.

Only download CMedia drivers if you cannot find the related driver. This is because your motherboard manufacturer may made some alteration to the original CMI8738 chipset, thus making the driver drom CMedia website incompatible, or would not work as expected.

Download CMI 8738 WDM 0639XP.EXE here.

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