Applies to
Clevo M72xR (M72R, M720R, M725R)

DOS, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP



1.10 MB

Driver Date & Version
3/12/2009 (ver. 114/08)


For whatsoever reason, Clevo does not provide a link to the BIOS driver file for its M720R/M725R models when we tried to search using the driver download page. You can find all other drivers such as VGA, audio, card reader, LAN, model, touchpad, finger print reader, TPM, AzureWave and Intel WLAN, Bison 1.3M UVC video camera and even Robson Turbo Memory drivers for Windows Vista. Just not the BIOS.

However, I managed to locate not one but two BIOS updates for Clevo M72R notebook at The two BIOS are EC BIOS (ecm72r.08) and System BIOS (M72R114.ROM).

You will need to boot into DOS to run the update.bat file to update the new BIOS file into your Clevo M72R. Pseudo DOS under Windows might not work so it is better to boot into pure DOS using any working DOS bootdisk. You can find a lot of working DOS bootdisk at

I have put the two BIOS files into seperate folder, namely /ecbios and /systembios. To start the update, you will need to go into each folder and run the update.bat file.

Finally a word of precaution, I do not have a Clevo M72R notebook so I cannot test whether the new BIOS is working (or not!) so please bear in mind unless you absolutely know what you are doing, you probably should stop here.

Download Clevo M72R BIOS here.

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