Applies to
Canon Elura 100 Digital Camcorder

Windows XP, Windows Vista



73.03 MB

Driver Date & Version
06/05/2008 (ver. 6.1.1a)


If you are looking for Canon Elura 100 driver, please see our article on Canon Elura 100 Driver.

FYI, no driver is needed for Windows XP and Windows Vista. However if you are still using Windows 98 or Windows 2000, you will need a driver.

As for Canon Elura 100 software, Canon has provided few software for download. Here is the list of software available for Elura 100:

  1. ZoomBrowser EX 6.1.1a Updater
  2. PhotoStitch 3.1.20 Updater for Windows
  3. ZoomBrowser EX 5.8b Updater for Windows

As you can see from the list of software above, Canon is listing both ZoomBrowser Ex 6.1.1a and EX 5.8b updaters. I do not know the logic behind but I would suggest to first download EX 5.8b and install it, follow by EX 6.1.1a. By following the version sequence (smaller to larger), software version conflicts that might occurred will be prevented.

As always, please make a backup of you important files BEFORE making any changes to your system.

Download Canon Elura 100 Software here.

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