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Averatec 6100 Series Notebook, 6100A Series

PDF Manuals



1.97 MB

Driver Date & Version
4/5/2004 (ver. 1.0)


Since Averatec became a label of TriGem, a Korean company in 2008, the drivers and manuals download are provided by TriGem in its website. Off we go...

The manuals for Averatec 6100 series notebooks are available from TriGem USA website. One thing funny is the downloaded file name is just [6100], without any extension. Initially I thought it is a PDF file so I just renamed it to 6100.pdf but when I tried to open the file Windows prompted [format error: not a PDF or corrupted].

Curious and unable to determine the file type, I used Ultraedit to open the 6100 file and found the file header belong to PK format, which is a compressed file format. Rename it to and finally am able to open it using WinRAR. There are two manuals inside the zip file:

  1. 6100 Series Users Manual.pdf
  2. 6100A Users Manual2.pdf
The 6100 Series Users Manual.pdf is a poorly written users manual, with no Table of content. You cant even find the word 6100 in the manual. The layout of content (text and illustration) is poorly written that one will become lost in searching for information needed. One of the worse manuals I have ever seen.

As for Averatec 6100A, I have no idea. I think it is a newer model of 6100 series notebook, based on the PDF manual creation date of 2/3/2005. At least it has a proper Table of Content and the layout is more readable compare to the manual for Averatec 6100 series notebook. It even has the mention of word [6100] inside the manual.

Download Averatec 6100 Manuals here.

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  • mary May 14, 2011 2:19 am #

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