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Averatec 3150 3150 Series Notebooks

PDF Manual

Averatec Inc.


3.10 MB

Driver Date & Version
3/22/2003 (ver. 1.0)

Description is no longer exist. However I manage to get a glimpse of the website structure using Below is my finding:

I did not find the so called Averatec 3151 series manual. Here is the structure:

  1. 2371 Series User Manual
  2. 3120 Series User Manual
  3. 3150 Series User Manual
  4. 3200 Series User Manual
  5. 3270 Series User Manual
Seems the the closest is the manual manual for Averatec 3150 series notebooks. So here I present to you the manual. Even inside the manual for 3150 series I could not find a single word mentioning [3150] or [3151]. So you might want to compare carefully with your notebook to see if it is compatible.

Below is some features of Averatec 3150/3151 series notebook I found on the manual:

  1. a combo DVD+CD-RW drive,
  2. one PCMCIA card
  3. three USB devices.
  4. 85/87-key keyboard
  5. a touch pad with scroll buttons.
  6. a high resolution 12.1-inch LCD panel provides clear and crisp viewing.

    p/s: Just found out on Wikipedia that Averatec was known as Sotec back in year 1984.

Download Averatec 3151 Series Users Manual here.

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