Applies to
AOC CRT (Not LCD) Monitors Models 7E-BLK, 7ESLK, 7F-SLK, aoc5e, AOC7F, AOC7K, Aoc9K, AOCA562, AOCA781, AOCA880, AOCLM-500, AOCLM-700, Epi4v, Epi5e, EPI7E, EPI7G, EPI7V and EPI9G

Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and Windows XP

AOC Monitors


120 KB

Driver Date & Version
3/28/2003 (ver. 1.0)


Do you own one of these AOC crt (non-lcd) type of monitors?:

  1. 7E-BLK
  2. 7ESLK
  3. 7F-SLK
  4. aoc5e
  5. AOC7F
  6. AOC7K
  7. Aoc9K
  8. AOCA562
  9. AOCA781
  10. AOCA880
  11. AOCLM-500
  12. AOCLM-700
  13. Epi4v
  14. Epi5e
  15. EPI7E
  16. EPI7G
  17. EPI7V
  18. EPI9G

If you do, then you can download the monitor driver to use in Windows. Supported in Windows 95 till XP, the driver files are placed in one folder.

Alternatively, if you are using LCD monitor, here is the AOC LCD Monitor Driver.

Installing the correct AOC monitor driver will help you to have the best screen resolution in Windows. You will have better looking screen with crystal crisp display. Maximum resolution will also available since your monitor driver will tell Windows the accurate information to display.

Installation help for each OS is included in win_XX.txt. For example if you are installing Windows XP driver, see WIN_XP.txt, or if you are too lazy tolook for yourself, I will do it for you ;)

  1. Right Click the mouse anywhere on the BLANK area on the desktop then click on properties.
  2. Click on Settings tab
  3. Click on Advanced
  4. Click on Monitor tab
  5. Click on Properties
  6. Under Monitor Properties, click on Driver tab.
  7. Click on Update Driver
  8. On Hardware Update Wizard, select Install from a list of specific location (Advanced)
  9. Click on Next.
  10. On the next Hardware Update Wizard window, select Dont search. I will choose the driver to install.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Click on Have Disk
  13. Type C:\\AOC on Install From Disk window.
  14. Click on OK.
  15. Select the model of your monitor on the list
  16. Click Next.
  17. Note: If the Windows prompt you that the driver is not certified, click Continue Anyway.
  18. On the last window of Hardware Update Wizard click Finish to complete the installation.
  19. Restart the computer to update the windows settings for driver installation.

Download AOC CRT Monitor Driver here.

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