Applies to
Amigo Wireless 11b/g Pocket USB AWU-902W

Widows 98/ME/2000/XP

Amigo Taiwan


10.80 MB

Driver Date & Version
Jan 13, 2005 (Ver.


Amigo Wireless Pocket USB AWU-902W Driver page is a typical user-no-friendly manufacturer driver website. Why did I say so? Well, see for your self.

From the product page, the link to the available driver is, which is a non-existent page on Amigo server. An average user will probably stop here thinking the driver for their Amigo Wireless Pocket USB is not available. Actually the correct driver page, after much trial and error, is Duh... speaking of customer service these days.

Anyhow, you can download the driver for Amigo Wireless 11b/g Pocket USB AWU-902W after the download link. For more adventurous users, enjoy your visit to Amigo website.

Download Amigo Wireless Pocket USB Driver here.

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