Applies to
Ambit USB Cable Modem (Data, Router, Wireless, VoIP)

Windows 98, Windows 2000

Ambit Microsystems


2.87 MB

Driver Date & Version
12.26.2002 (ver.


One look on Ambit download site and you will find that almost all the products share the same driver. For example, Ambit USB cable modem uses, which is shared by others such as:

  1. Data: Model U10C018, U10C011 and U10C004 / U10C003
  2. Router: U10C020, U10C012 and U10C009
  3. Wireless: U10C019, U10C007 and T60C237
  4. VoIP: U10C017, U10C021 and U10C022
Meaning the chipsets inside these models are the same, thus using the same USB driver. Which is a good thing to users, I guess.

The USB cable modem driver is dated May 2002 and only available for Windows 98 and 2000. The driver will identify iself as USB Cable Modem 351000 NDIS Driver in Windows 98 and 2000. No mention of support for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

To install the driver, unzip the downloaded driver zip file to \\usbdriver2.1 and run setup.exe, follow on screen display to continue.

Download Ambit USB Cable Modem Driver here.

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