Applies to
ALi M3141, M3145 and M3147V AliCat PCI 2 MB SVGA Display Card

Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95 and Windows 3.1

ALi (Acer Laboratories Inc.)


1.59 MB

Driver Date & Version
3/17/1997 (ver. 3.147)


ALi USA website ( was the driver download site for ALi M3147V (and other ALi products) back in around year 1997. Now, the site is parked under and is full of ads. So how do I start now? Hmm..

First I open up the Internet Archive Wayback Machine website and start digging into an older (working) copy of After some digging and searching, finally I have managed to locate the M3141, M3145 and M3147 Drivers download page.

Here is what I found:

  1. Since this product has already been discontinued, newer drivers for Win98 and up are not available. For more information, please contact your dealer.

    So if you need to find a newer driver (Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista/ Windows 7), you will have to try it on the dealer page, which I doubt still available or exist at all.

  2. Available for download in website are drivers for:
    1. Windows NT4.0 Drivers for M3141, M3145 and M3147
    2. Windows 95 Drivers for M3141, M3145 and M3147
    3. Windows 3.1 Drivers for M3141, M3145 and M3147
  3. I have made a backup of all the drivers and put them into a zipo file. You will find drivers for each supported Windows in its directory.
    1. To install Windows 3.1 driver you will need to run INSTALL.EXE under /Win3.1/ folder.
    2. For Windows 95 driver, please go to /Win95/ folder and run SETUP.EXE
    3. For Windows NT4.0 driver, no driver setup program is included. You will find some INF files as well as SYS and DLL file. Guess you will have to use the Device Manager to install the driver using ALIM314X.INF file. It has been long since I last used Windows NT.

By the way this is the old driver download page for AliUSA from wayback machine, just in case you are curious how the site looks like back then: link.

Download ALi M3147V XP Driver here.

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