Applies to
Agfa ePhoto CL 18 USB entry level digital camera.

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP.

Agfa-Gevaert Group.


2.09 MB

Driver Date & Version
6/9/2009 (ver. 1.30.02)


Agfa ePhoto CL 18 digital camera is an old model by today standard. Agfa CL 18 has a basic fixed focus 45mm lens and capture 640 x 480 images. Images can be set to save in either High or Low quality modes and to be saved in the build in 2MB(!) memory.

You will need to install the Windows USB driver before you can copy the captured images from Agfa ePhone CL 18 to your PC. The driver supports Windows XP and below. No Mac OS support.

As the Agfa CL18 USB driver software is basically just a twain driver only, this means that you can only use it if you first start an imaging application such as Photoshop, VideoImpression, .... and then start the twain driver via File/ Acquire image.

Download Agfa ePhoto CL 18 Driver here.

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