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Acer Aspire 5100 5110 3100 Series Notebook PC

PDF User Guide/Manual

Acer Incorporated


2.85 MB

Driver Date & Version
March 2006 (ver. 1.0 Original Issue)


This user manual is applicable for the following models:

  1. Acer Aspire 3100 Series
  2. Acer Aspire 5100 Series
  3. Acer Aspire 5110 Series

According to the user manual, these is a printed version of the Users Manual which only provides the introduction of basic features and functions of your Aspire 5100. For a more complete documentation, you can actually refer to the AcerSystem Users Guide (which I believe is the one we are discussing here) :

  1. Click on Start -> All Programs ->AcerSystem
  2. Click on AcerSystem Users Guide
This 105 pages long user manual is very comprehensive and complete with a lot of graphics and tables. You can see the actual images of your Acer 5100 as well as the complete specifications.

Specifications for Acer Aspire 5100 / 5110 / 3100

Item Specifications
Operating system
  1. Windows Vista Capable
  2. Genuine Windows XP Home Edition (Service Pack 2)
  3. Genuine Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
  4. Genuine Windows XP Professional X64 Edition
  1. AMD Turion 64 X2 dual-core TL-50/TL-52/TL-56/TL-60/TL-62 processor or higher with 1 MB L2 cache supporting AMD PowerNow! Technology and AMD HyperTransport Technology
  2. Mobile AMD Sempron 3200+/3400+/3500+ or higher with 512 KB L2 cache supporting AMD PowerNow! Technology and AMD HyperTransport Technology 64bit OS support
  3. ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 or Xpress1200 chipset
System memory Up to 2 GB of DDR2 533/667 MHz memory upgradeable to 4 GB using two soDIMM modules (dual-channel support)
  1. 15.4 WXGA Acer CrystalBrite TFT LCD 1280 x 800 pixel resolution 16 ms response time supporting simultaneous multi-window viewing on dual displays
  2. 15 XGA color TFT LCD 1024 x 768 pixel resolution
  1. Acer TV-tuner options (for selected models):
  2. Analog TV-tuner supporting hardware MPEG-2 stream encoding
  3. Digital and analog hybrid TV-tuner supporting hardware MPEG-2 stream encoding
  4. Analog TV-tuner supporting international analog TV standards (NTSC/PAL/SECAM)
  5. Digital TV-tuner supporting DVB-T (Digital Video
  6. Broadcasting Terrestrial) standard (6 MHz to 8 MHz)
TV-tuner I/O
  1. RF jack for digital/analog TV antenna cable input
  2. AV-in port for composite/S-video/line-in audio/video input
TV-tuner cables
  1. NTSC/PAL cable for digital/analog TV input NTSC converter to convert port from PAL/SECAM to NTSC
  2. Mini DIN cable: RCA jack and S-video port for audio/video input
  3. Acer DVB-T antenna (UHF/VHF reception) supports Acer SignalUp wireless technology
  1. ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 chipset with integrated 3D graphics up to 256 MB of shared system memory
  2. ATI Mobility Radeon X1300/X1600 with up to 512MB of HyperMemory (64MB of dedicated GDDR2 VRAM up to 448MB of shared system memory) supporting ATI PowerPlay 5.0 Microsoft DirectX 9.0 PCI Express DualView support
  3. 16.7 million colors
  4. MPEG-2/DVD hardware-assisted capability
  5. S-video/TV-out (NTSC/PAL) support (for selected models)
  6. Acer Arcade featuring Acer CinemaVision and Acer ClearVision technologies
  1. High Definition audio support SPDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface) support for digital speakers (for selected models)
  2. Audio system with two built-in speakers
  3. Sound Blaster Pro and MS Sound compatible
  4. Built-in microphone
Storage 40/60/80/100/120 GB or higher ATA/100 hard disk subsystem drive
Optical drive options
  1. DVD-Super Multi double-layer drive
  2. DVD/CD-RW combo drive
5-in-1 card reader
  1. supporting Secure Digital (SD)
  2. MultiMediaCard (MMC)
  3. Memory Stick (MS)
  4. Memory Stick PRO (MS PRO)
  5. xD-Picture Card (xD) (for selected models)
  1. Acer Video Conference featuring Voice and Video over Internet Protocol (VVoIP)support via Acer OrbiCam and optional Acer Bluetooth VoIP phone (for selected models)
  2. Acer OrbiCam 310000 pixels CMOS camera (for selected models) featuring 225 degree ergonomic rotation Acer PrimaLite Technology
  3. Acer InviLink 802.11b/g or 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi CERTIFIED solution supporting Acer SignalUp wireless technology
  4. WPAN: Bluetooth 2.0+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
  5. LAN: gigabit or Fast Ethernet; Wake-on-LAN ready
  6. Modem: 56K ITU V.92 with PTT approval; Wake-on-Ring ready
Dimensions and weight
  1. Aspire 5110 Series
    1. 358 (W) x 269 (D) x 29.8/33.8 (H) mm (14.1 x 10.6 x 1.17/1.33 inches)
    2. 3.0 Kg (6.61 lbs.) for 15.4 LCD model with TV module
    3. 2.92 Kg (6.44 lbs.) for 15.4 LCD model without TV module
  2. Aspire 5100/3100 Series
    1. 358 (W) x 269 (D) x 29.8/33.8 (H) mm (14.1 x 10.6 x 1.17/1.33 inches)
    2. 2.82kg (6.22 lbs) for 15.4 LCD model
    3. 2.78 kg (6.13 lbs.) for 15 LCD model
Power subsystem
  1. ACPI 2.0 CPU power management standard: supports Standby and Hibernation power-saving modes
  2. 71 W 4800 mAh Li-ion battery pack (8-cell)
  3. 44.4W 4000mAh (6-cell) Li-ion battery
  4. 29.6W 2000mAH (4-cell) Li-ion battery
  5. Only support for sku with 90W adapter.
  6. 3-pin 65/90 W AC adapter
  7. Acer QuicCharge technology:
    1. 80% charge in 1 hour
    2. 2-hour rapid charge system-off
    3. 2.5-hour charge-in-use
I/O interface
  1. ExpressCard/34 slot (for selected models)
  2. PC Card slot (one Type II)
  3. 5-in-1 card reader (SD/MMC/MS/MS PRO/xD) (for selected models)
  4. Four USB 2.0 ports (three in selected models)
  5. DVI-D port (for selected models)
  6. IEEE 1394 port (for selected models)
  7. Consumer infrared (CIR) port (for selected models)
  8. Fast infrared (FIR) port (for selected models)
  9. External display (VGA) port
  10. AV-in port (for selected models)
  11. RF-in jack (for selected models)
  12. S-video/TV-out (NTSC/PAL) port (for selected models)
  13. Headphones/speaker/line-out port with S/PDIF support ( S/PDIF for selected models)
  14. Microphone-in jack
  15. Line-in jack
  16. Ethernet (RJ-45) port
  17. Modem (RJ-11) port
  18. DC-in jack for AC adapter
Warranty One-year International Travelers Warranty (ITW)

Download Acer Aspire L5100 User Manual here.

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