Applies to
ZyXEL Prestige 964 Cable Modem




2.95 MB

Driver Date & Version
28 Sept 2006 (ver. 3.60(YC.21)C0)


If you are looking for ZyXEL Prestige 964 related downloads in ZyXEL website, you will not find anything.

Why? Because instead of looking for keyword [prestige], which will return zero result, you should be looking for keyword [964], which will return two results, one is the datasheet for ZyXEL Prestige 964 and the other result is the latest firmware update for Prestige 964 cable router.

In the firmware update file, you will find three files:

  1. 360YC21C0.img
  2. 360YC21C0.bin
  3. 360YC21C0_REL.pdf
The pdf file is labeled as [ZyXEL Confidential] and is full of technical data on Prestige 964. Nothing is mentioned on how to do the flashing firmware procedure. That means you should refer to the user manual for your Prestige 964 for the firmware flashing steps.

From my experience you shall see some menu mentioning [firmware update] once you log on to your Prestige 964 via a web browser. You should then be able to use the img and bin files to do the firmware update.

Download ZyXEL Prestige 964 Firmware here.

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