Applies to
ZyXEL G-162 Wireless LAN PC Card

Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000

ZyXEL Communications Corp.


28.50 MB

Driver Date & Version
Jan 3, 2005 (ver.


ZyXEL G-162 is a wireless g+ PCMCIA card network adapter.

ZyXEL G-162 is using Wireless g+ SuperSpeed Technology. Basically that mean when used with ZyXEL g+ series APs and routers, achieve actual throughput rates of up to 35Mbps, 700% faster than the conventional 802.11b standard.

ZyXEL G-162 Known Driver Issue

  1. In ASUS L3400 Note Book. The PC was often shut down with G162 utility.
  2. Cannot change Tx Rate from 2Mbps to 1Mbps or 11Mbps to 2Mbps
  3. Constant switching of WEP transmit key can lead to lose of connection.
  4. Under Win98/ME, Power-Saving changes are not reflected in Advanced Driver page.
  5. Odyssey SDK is left on the system after un-installation. To remove Odyssey SDK, you need to go to control panel and manually select “uninstall” for this program.
  6. Odyssey Client should not be installed on the same system that has Odyssey SDK. It will cause both program to stop functioning.
  7. Profile name disappeared when closed the utility and reopened the utility.
  8. After install the utility. In some cases, the utility table can’t appear.
  9. In Ad-hoc mode the utility show wrong profile name.

Features of ZyXEL G-162 Driver

  1. Support Wi-Fi WPA function
  2. Pass Microsoft WHQL
  3. Support 256-bit WEP Encryption
  4. Support multilingual user interface
  5. Add OTIST feature.
  6. Add Russian version utility.
  7. Fix 256-bit WEP Encryption problem.

Download ZyXEL G162 Wifi Card Driver here.

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