Applies to
ZyXEL ES-1528 28-port Web-managed Ethernet Switch




4.30 MB

Driver Date & Version
11-17-2006 (ver. 1.12)


For ZyXEL ES-1528 switch, you will find under the Network Administration Security section, a password is required for administrators to access and modify the configuration settings.

So what is the default password for ZyXEL ES-1528? To find out that, the easiest way is to refer to your user manual. Here I am referring to the user manual I downloaded from ZyXEL website. You can find the download the user manual follow the driver download link above.

Default User Name and Password

Or if you are like me, lazy to browse through manuals and guides, here is the default user name and password:

  1. User Name: admin
  2. Password: 1234

Forget Password? No Worry

If you have changed the password and have now forgotten it, you will need to reset the switch to its factory defaults. (See above for default username/password)

Press the RESET button on the front panel of the switch for one second and the switch automatically reloads its default configuration file. The IP address of the switch reverts to There you go.

Download ZyXEL ES-1528 Default Password here.

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