Applies to
ZOOM 2990 Controllerless Conexant chipset mini USB Fax modem

Windows 98, 2000 (may work in XP)

ZOOM Telephonics


5.60 MB

Driver Date & Version
8/4/2000 (ver. A)


The Zoom USB Mini Modem 2990 is a compact, low-cost external V.90 Dualmode Faxmodem.

ZOOM 2990 is made with Conexant chipset thus the driver can be used with Conexant USB, Controllerless, V.90, Dualmode mini faxmodem model 2990.

ZOOM 2990 Driver Installation Guide

  1. Download zoom-2990-modem-driver.exe and save to a temporarty folder.
  2. The exe is a self-extracting file containing 27 files. Run it inside the folder and 27 files will be extracted.
  3. Please click setup.exe after extraction to run the install shield and start the driver installation process.

Download ZOOM 2990 XP Driver here.

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