Applies to
Xbox 360 Controller for PC

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Windows XP/ Vista 32-bit



18.40 MB

Driver Date & Version
02/15/2007 (Ver. 1.10.120)

The driver file for Xbox 360 PC controller is named Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories 1.1.

The driver installation file contains DirectX as well as XUSB21 device driver. The XUSB device driver supports the following devices

  • Wired Common Controller
  • Wireless Common Controller
  • Wired CC Compatible
  • Wireless CC Compatible

Installation is pretty straight forward, after you agree to the terms and condition, Windows installer will try to install the driver files. After the installation completed, you can use the Guide button to test the status of your Xbox controller. You are not required to restart your PC. You can also verify that the controller is working by using the Game Controllers option in Control Panel.

Xbox PC Controller Driver for Windows XP and Vista

8 thoughts on “Xbox PC Controller Driver for Windows XP and Vista

  • admin

    Download the driver using the download link above. Thank you.

  • GL

    Will this drive work on the old Xbox controller?

  • Ur Mum

    so just upload it and i kan play with my360 controler right?

  • tommy

    can you send me the file? or what will i do to get it?


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