Applies to
UC-Logic WP8060 Graphics Pen Tablet.

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS.

Uc-Logic Technology Corp.


4.77 MB

Driver Date & Version
06/30/2010 (ver. 5.02)


UC-Logic has only one driver file for all its pen tablet models. Yes, one driver for Windows and one for Mac OS.

According to what I have found, WP8060 is used in UC-Logic TAB-08 model, and possible other OEM models as well. The Pen Tablet driver will install the following functions:

  1. Direct Pointing

    You can move the cursor to any location on the screen by hovering the digital pen tip over the tablet surface.

  2. Three-buttons Mouse Commands

    Your pen tablet provides all functions of a three- buttons mouse by using its pen tip and two buttons.

  3. Pen Scrolling

    You can scroll documents and Web pages by pressing the middle button of the digital pen over the tablets working area.

  4. Pressure Sensitivity

    This feature allows you to emulate various brushes and pencils and you can press down the pen tip harder, lighter, stronger or thicker, and subtle pencil lines you will receive.

According to INF file these following models are supported:

  1. DigitalOrganizer Tablet A4 Size HID
  2. DigitalOrganizer Tablet A5 Size HID
  3. DigitalOrganizer Tablet HID
  4. HID Tablet PF8060 I400
  5. HID Tablet TW530
  6. HID Tablet TW530S
  7. HID Tablet TW640
  8. HID Tablet TW850
  9. HID Tablet TW850S
  10. HID Tablet TWA60
  11. HID Tablet TWA60S
  12. HID Tablet TWH530
  13. HID Tablet TWH530S
  14. HID Tablet TWH640
  15. HID Tablet TWH850
  16. HID Tablet TWH850 D4
  17. HID Tablet TWH850 DV4
  18. HID Tablet TWH850S
  19. HID Tablet TWHA60
  20. HID Tablet TWHA60S
  21. HID Tablet TWHC90
  22. HID Tablet TWHT530
  23. HID Tablet TWHT640
  24. HID Tablet TWHT850
  25. HID Tablet TWM530
  26. HID Tablet TWM530S
  27. HID Tablet TWM640
  28. HID Tablet TWM850
  29. HID Tablet TWM850S
  30. HID Tablet TWM852
  31. HID Tablet TWMA60
  32. HID Tablet TWMA60S
  33. HID Tablet TWMC90
  34. HID Tablet TWMT530
  35. HID Tablet TWMT640
  36. HID Tablet TWMT850
  37. HID Tablet TWT530
  38. HID Tablet TWT640
  39. HID Tablet TWT850
  40. Tablet FP4030 HID
  41. Tablet FP5540 HID
  42. Tablet Monitor 21
  43. Tablet Monitor 22
  44. Tablet Monitor 24
  45. Tablet PF1209 HID
  46. Tablet PF8060 HID
  47. Tablet WP1073 HID
  48. Tablet WP1209 HID
  49. Tablet WP1410 HID
  50. Tablet WP1700 HID
  51. Tablet WP1900 HID
  52. Tablet WP2015 HID
  53. Tablet WP3325 HID
  54. Tablet WP3525 HID
  55. Tablet WP4030 HID
  56. Tablet WP5540 HID
  57. Tablet WP6850 HID
  58. Tablet WP8060 HID
  59. Tablet WP8563 HID
  60. Tablet/Keyboard WP1209 HID
  61. Tablet/Keyboard WP2015 HID
  62. Tablet/Keyboard WP3325 HID
  63. Tablet/Keyboard WP3525 HID
  64. Tablet/Keyboard WP4030 HID
  65. Tablet/Keyboard WP5540 HID
  66. Tablet/Keyboard WP6850 HID
  67. Tablet/Keyboard WP8060 HID
  68. Tablet/Keyboard WP8563 HID
  69. Tablet/Mouse WP1209 HID
  70. Tablet/Mouse WP2015 HID
  71. Tablet/Mouse WP3325 HID
  72. Tablet/Mouse WP3525 HID
  73. Tablet/Mouse WP4030 HID
  74. Tablet/Mouse WP5540 HID
  75. Tablet/Mouse WP6850 HID
  76. Tablet/Mouse WP8060 HID
  77. Tablet/Mouse WP8563 HID
  78. Wireless Tablet TWHL530
  79. Wireless Tablet TWHL530S
  80. Wireless Tablet TWHL640
  81. Wireless Tablet TWHL850
  82. Wireless Tablet TWHL850S
  83. Wireless Tablet TWHLA60
  84. Wireless Tablet TWHLA60S
  85. Wireless Tablet TWL530
  86. Wireless Tablet TWL530S
  87. Wireless Tablet TWL640
  88. Wireless Tablet TWL850
  89. Wireless Tablet TWL850S
  90. Wireless Tablet TWLA60
  91. Wireless Tablet TWLA60S
  92. Wireless Tablet TWML530
  93. Wireless Tablet TWML530S
  94. Wireless Tablet TWML640
  95. Wireless Tablet TWML850
  96. Wireless Tablet TWML850S
  97. Wireless Tablet TWMLA60
  98. Wireless Tablet TWMLA60S

Download WP8060 Pen Tablet Driver here.

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