Applies to
Dell Vostro 1000 Notebooks

Windows 7

Dell Computer Corporation



Driver Date & Version
n/a (n/a)


Seems that for Dell Vostro 1000 notebooks, the drivers are available for Windows Vista and Windows XP only, no mentioning of Windows 7 driver support. Further searching for Windows 7 Compatibility chart reveals that only a handful of Vostro notebooks having Windows 7 drivers support. See the list below for Windows 7 compatible Dell Vostro 1xx0 notebooks:

  1. 1014
  2. 1015
  3. 1088
  4. 1200
  5. 1220
  6. 1310
  7. 1320
  8. 1510
  9. 1520
  10. 1710
  11. 1720
  12. Full list including Vostro notebooks and desktops here.

Finally a statement from Dell:

"If your computer is not listed, Dell does not have a driver download available."

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