Applies to
Winbond Voice Editor Vedit – for POST voice feedback WAV files.

Windows 98, ME,2000,XP



17.1 MB

Driver Date & Version
26/3/2003 (n/a)


This is Winbond Voice Editor software that used for editting the contents of the 8 pin DIP EEPROM. You can record over the voice samples with a microphone and your sound card or built in sound.

When finished, the Winbond software compresses the Voice samples and will write them back to the 8 pin EEPROM chip. Since the interface to the chip is sitting on the SMBUS, the time to write the 8 pin chip takes a long time, since SMBUS runs at 10KHz.

Basically Winbond Voice Editor is free Windows utility software program from Winbond. The speech warning function can provide remote and local diagnostics when the system fails to boot, or malfunctions. This technology enables multi-language speech output and web-based speech data download. This feature can significantly reduce support costs associated with customer service for system vendors.

The version downloadable here is for ASUS motherboards, but if your Winbond chips are compatible with this Winbond Voice Editor software, you can try to install and run the software.

Download Winbond Voice Editor Software here.

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